Couqley JLT Menu



Tender grilled Spanish octopus served with potato confit in duck fat, bell pepper purée & gremolata sauce. (N)

AED 119

Seabass Carpaccio

With French tropical fruits topped with fresh herbs & cucumber gel.

AED 93

Baked Truffle Brie en Croûte

Oven-baked truffle Brie cheese in a puff pastry. (V)

AED 75

Escargots de Bourgogne

Six shell-baked snails in Burgundy-style garlic shallot herb butter. (A)

Add: AED 58 for 12

AED 61

Calamars Frits

Tender marinated calamari, lightly battered and deep fried & served with an Asian dipping sauce. (N)

AED 83

Lobster Roll

Fresh sautéed lobster in our homemade mayo, served in a soft brioche roll with herbs & a small green salad.

AED 135

Shrimp Roll

Fresh sautéed shrimp in our homemade mayo, served in a soft brioche roll with herbs & a small green salad.

AED 99

Crab Cakes

Local fisherman's daily catch. Two fresh crab meat patties, breaded, pan-seared & served with a small green salad.

AED 69

Poêlée de Champignons

Sautéed wild mushrooms in a creamy sauce & served in a freshly baked puff pastry.

AED 76

Tartare de Saumon

Incredibly fresh & delicious top-grade salmon tartare. (Raw) (N)

AED 97

Tartare de Thon

Incredibly fresh & delicious top-grade tuna tartare. (Raw) (N)

AED 97

Tarte de Tomates et Chèvre

Warm goat cheese & tomato confit in a puff pastry with wild rocca, figs, pine nuts & topped
with balsamic glaze. (N)(V)

AED 69

Shrimp Avocado

Steamed shrimp served on an avocado mousse salad & topped with a light cocktail sauce dressing.

AED 97

Foie Gras

A French delicacy prepared daily using a recipe handed down by Chef Alexis’ grandfather, served with strawberry coulis & toasted pain de figues. (A)

Add: AED 10 for extra fig bread

AED 159

Plateau de Fromage

A mix of five French kinds of cheese served on a board, with candied walnuts, grapes & an assortment of bread. (N)(V)

Add: AED 49 for large

AED 107

Onion Soup Gratinée

A French classic with caramelized onions, baguette & topped with a layer of melted Emmental cheese. (N)

AED 49


Salade César

Romaine lettuce, mixed herbs, cherry tomatoes, croutons & Parmesan cheese in our homemade Caesar dressing.
Add: grilled chicken for AED 11 | grilled shrimp for AED 18 | combo for AED 15

AED 57

Salade Sauvage et Betterave

Arugula salad with sliced avocado, goat cheese crumbles, quinoa, pine nuts, dried cranberries & dressed in a balsamic vinaigrette. (N)(V)

AED 83

Salade de Calamars

Tender marinated calamari rings, lightly battered & deep fried, served with mixed greens, bean sprouts, chives & dressed in a light Asian vinaigrette. (N)

AED 81

Couqley Salad

Mixed greens, bresaola, cherry tomatoes, figs, goat cheese crumbles & dressed in a balsamic vinaigrette.

AED 83

Salade Endives Roquefort

Crisp endives, diced tomatoes, julienne pear, Roquefort cheese crumbles, a sprinkle of walnuts
& dressed in a Roquefort vinaigrette. (N) (V)

AED 61

Salade de Chèvre Chaud

Crispy spring rolls oozing with melted goat cheese & served on top of mixed greens, tomato confit, julienne apple, orange slices & dressed in our signature balsamic vinaigrette. (N)(V)

AED 79

Salade de Lentilles

Healthy lentils mixed with finely diced vegetables & fresh herbs in a light Dijon sauce. (V)

AED 49

Burrata & Heirloom Tomato

Creamy and classic cheese served on a bed of heirloom tomato, topped with caramelized charred plum, crunchy hazelnut & a truffle balsamic on the side. (N)(V)

AED 99

Side Dishes

Cheese Purée

AED 37

Grilled Asparagus

AED 37

Pan-Seared Foie Gras

AED 79

Petit Green Salad

AED 25

Purée de Pommes de Terre

AED 25


AED 25

Gratin de Pommes de Terre

AED 37

Grilled Portobello & Parmesan

AED 37

Purée de Pommes de Terre aux Truffes

AED 37

Pommes de Terre Forestières

AED 37

Pommes de Terre Rissolées

AED 37

Spinach à la Crème

AED 37

Wild Rice

AED 37

Sweet Potato Fries

AED 37

Truffle Fries

AED 37

Skinny Fries

AED 25


Wagyu Entrecôte

Wagyu ribeye steak with a marble score of 9+, served with pommes de terre rissolées & your choice of sauce. (200g)

Add: AED 150 for 500g

AED 399

Wagyu Steak Tartare

Top-grade Wagyu with a marble score of 5+, topped with confit egg yolk and truffle shavings. Served with toasted champagne bread. (160g)

AED 137

Mushroom Steak Frites

A juicy pan-seared 180g butterfly-cut tenderloin steak in a delicious Portobello & Button mushroom
sauce served with crispy skinny fries & a side of green salad.

Add: AED 38 for 280g | Add: Fresh truffle at market price

AED 139

Couqley's Steak Frites

The house favorite; a mouth-watering 180g butterfly-cut tenderloin served with Couqley’s signature
sauce on top, fries & a green salad.

Add: AED 38 for 280g

AED 139

Couqley's Bavette

Juicy 225g flank steak topped with caramelized shallots, balsamic glaze & served with fries.

AED 139

Steak Tartare

(raw) Top quality 180g freshly minced beef 119 with Chef Alexis’ signature seasoning, served with fries & a green salad.

AED 119

Filet de Bœuf

200g tenderloin steak grilled to perfection, served with gratin de pommes de terre & a choice of sauce on the side.

Add: AED 60 for 300g

AED 189


Grilled juicy 300g ribeye steak, served with pommes de terre rissolées & your choice of sauce.

Add: AED 100 for 500g ribeye steak with your choice of 2 sauces

AED 249

Côte de Bœuf

Our succulent 1kg prime rib (bone-in); sliced, served with pommes de terre rissolées & your choice of 2 sauces.

AED 499

Les Burgers Gourmands

Beyond Burger

Couqley’s plant-based burger with melted Cheddar cheese and a side of fries. (vegan option available) (N)

AED 95

Truffle Brie Burger

A black Angus open-face burger with melted Brie cheese, grilled Portobello mushrooms & arugula on top of toasted Pain de Campagne, served with fries & truffle aioli sauce. (N)

AED 145

Les Trois Sliders

Three classic American-style mini Cheddar cheeseburgers & served with fries. Perfect for sharing!

AED 93

Cheeseburger Style Américain

Our classic & juicy American-style Angus cheeseburger with aged Cheddar & served with fries.

AED 95

Raclette Burger

Angus patty on a brioche bun with caramelized onion, Portobello mushroom, oozing Raclette cheese, grain mustard mayonnaise & served with skinny fries.

AED 109

Plat Principal

Steak de Portobello et Frites

Our spin on the most-loved Steak Frites; juicy yet meaty grilled Portobello mushrooms topped with our savory vegan pepper sauce, served with fries & a side of green salad. (Vegan)

AED 99

Homemade Ravioli

Six spinach ravioli in a light garlic rosemary white cream sauce & topped with mushrooms.

Add: AED 12 for Cèpes Ravioli

AED 107

Moules Frites

Fresh mussels prepared in our classic white wine & shallot sauce in a cast iron casserole & served with fries. (700g) (A) Half portion (350g) available at AED 81

AED 149

Grilled Chicken aux Tagliatelle

Grilled chicken breast with Herbes de Provence & a creamy white mushroom tagliatelle pasta.

AED 107

Seabass en Papillote

Baked wild Loup de Mer in a foil packet with fresh julienne vegetables with potato confit in duck fat, retaining its natural aromatic flavors.

AED 129

Magret de Canard

Pan-seared lean duck breast served with pommes de terre forestières & jus de canard.

AED 133


Pan-seared fresh Scottish salmon served with asparagus, mashed potato, smokey bell pepper & tomato purée. (N)

AED 139

Duck Confit

Perfectly braised duck leg on a bed of sautéed potatoes served with caramelized onions, fresh Pearl mushrooms & jus de canard.

AED 143

Lobster Ravioli

Six fresh lobster-filled ravioli in our signature shrimp bisque sauce & garnished with black fish roe. (A)

AED 147

Free-Range Chicken

Grilled tender French chicken served in our signature creamy herb-infused sauce with fries & a green salad.

AED 103

Plateau de Calamars et Crevettes

Marinated tender calamari & black tiger shrimp, sautéed with fresh, mild red chili,
garlic & paprika, served with a small green salad, garlic bread & asparagus. (N)

AED 137

Rigatoni Arrabiata

Rigatoni pasta in our homemade plum-tomato sauce. Garnished with fresh basil & topped with Parmesan cheese. (V)

Add: AED 30 for Rigatoni aux Aubergines et Burrata

AED 67

Lamb Shank

Slow-braised lamb shank served with truffle potato purée, diced vegetables, homemade gravy & a sweet cranberry sauce.

AED 147

Pan-seared Sea Bream

Lightly pan-seared wild Daurade with julienne vegetables in a signature shrimp bisque sauce & served with wild rice. (A)

AED 127

Pappardelle aux Champignons et Truffe

Pappardelle pasta in a light aromatic white-truffle sauce with wild Portobello, Trumpet & Pearl mushrooms. (179g)(V) Petit Pappardelle Pasta (100g) available at AED 74.

AED 121